wedding vow renewal dresses

Must every one be a celebrity? U don't need to kill yourself your time to look like a one big time celebrity. Life in the movie like soap operas are cheap but the very day you approach it you find reality.
*You speak like those celebrities
*you dress like those celebrities
*you smile like those celebrities
It's so amazing how you think you are acting on a movie stage every moment of your life learn to approach life with reality not living ur life like those things you watch on soap operas you are matured. You are not a celebrity by snapshot or any kind of classical artistic work you are a celebrity when you contribute a level of undeniable or undisclosed value showing the world what they haven't seen in time past and they celebrate you for it so you can save yourself a lot stress by trying to look like big time celebrity by those clothes and English alone because that is not the door inn. People don't become a celebrity by buying every cloth and shoe or post studio pictures on social media i belt you the day you do something no one has ever done or seen before from that day you become the celebrity u want. Don't take this personal friends and if may take personally then let it be you are freezing from those vain celebrity by cloth and pix or English and thinking you are acting a movie or on a movie stage where you behave like they is camera over you and must need to impress the viewers with fine cloth and English, come on now! Just wake up from that sleep and approach life with reality not those fake things you watch on air that you want to be like them.. wedding vow renewal dresses