wedding gowns for second marriage

Her momma was a addict
Daddy was the drunkard type
Baby girl was super beautiful
But one day she was molested
To cope with the depression
Started doing drugs and sex
Using pills with a eating disorder
She got super thin with weight
Sick huggin a pillow all through the night crying
She went from being as timid as a bird that was new to flight
To showing too much cleavage
With dresses that's super tight
Sexually confused turned into a lesbian, "all men are fake"
Mehn she knew that wasn't right
She now partying and hangin with dancers
Taking dangerous chances
Looking to sex for answers to soothe her
She feels abandoned and she's wanting a man
But her daddy never set a good example for her to choose right
So she gets with the player and abusive type that go wild and partying
She keeps praying prince charming will come
But she don't realize her heart has become hardened and numb
And how a weed could choke the life out of a garden this young
Then, in steps "Mr Right" weary from battle of past relationships
He does his best for her but he is wounded from past relationships
And she has her own wounds from before
So its like they're gardens without bloom
She don't understand how valuable she is
Spent so much time wanting to die she won't allow herself to live
He tried to fill her up but was left with an open space
He spilled love into her cup but I guess it's a broken vase
And she tried to love "Mr right" the best that she can
But it seems she can trust anything unless it's a man
And he tried to be her savior but all they need is Jesus, healer of broken hearts wedding gowns for second marriage
Cuz their hearts now a jigsaw with all these missing pieces!!!

# FromWiltedBySevin
# IamTheWholeTruth