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Make A Wish introduces Noah to the Ninja Turtles.

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Day 12 of congenital heart defect awareness month

When Noah was 4, his Aunt Ashley did her research and found out he would qualify for Make-a-Wish. She got the information for us and we contacted them to see about having a wish granted for Noah. They were super excited to come meet Noah and learn all about him. At that point, Noah talked but most people didn’t understand him so that made him nervous but they told him he could draw pictures of what he would want his wish to be. Noah had to be the one to tell his wish, not us. Well, much to their surprise, Noah wanted to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He loved the ninja turtles. They asked what would his 2nd wish be Incase the 1st couldn’t happen and that was to swim with the dolphins. It took several years for them to be able to get his wish together and we was amazed when they called and said he would get to meet the ninja turtles. It just so happened it was the 25th anniversary of the ninja turtles and they were touring around to certain cities. They had Noah a party to celebrate his wish and Food Lion in Hixson sponsored his wish and hosted his party. We was blown away by their kindness and excitement to do this for Noah. They loaded him up with gifts and was so happy to meet Noah and enjoyed talking with him. Make-a-Wish took care of the whole trip for us. They flew us to St. Louis, rented us a car, got us a super nice room, gave us money to cover food, gas, and fun activities. Hands down the best trip we have ever had and we will never forget it. The day of Noah’s wish, they sent a brand new limo to pick us up at our hotel and take us to the science museum where Noah got to meet Leonardo,Donatello, and April before anyone else. They gave him a tour of their van and taught him some karate moves. To see Noah’s face light up when he seen them was a memory that we will forever cherish. The funniest part is, he truly believed the turtles were real but whispered to me at one point, “Mom, that’s not the real April.” two piece items for homecoming party ? ? . He said that’s just someone dressed up as her. We couldn’t help but laugh. We can’t say enough about how great this trip was and how thankful we were for Make-a-Wish doing this for Noah.
Noah then was asked to be the ambassador for the Make-a-Wish walk that year. We was so thankful that they wanted Noah to have that honor. We are so very thankful for all the blessings that have come our way during Noah’s life. Noah seems to bless people and have a true connection with people. This is one of God’s callings in his life I do believe. Please feel free to share how Noah has touched your life. We would love to hear.