plus size wedding wears for maternity brides

This morning as I woke up and was giving the car a wipe down, sounds of a spirited nadaswaram and a vivacious thavil rolling in from the marriage hall on the main road gave me the goosebumps. Somebody's big day. Getting married, ready for life. But my thoughts flew to more bleak things. Did their parents have to borrow huge sums of money for this event. Did the boy and girl have to take personal loans to cover some expenditure? Are they starting their life with a negative financial figure. Will they be able to repay EMIs and live off respectably well?

Now if one thing this generation can do and a lot are trying to do is to cut the expenditure and the grandiosity of a marriage. Come ON now, marriage is just an event, its not the culmination of a goal. Everyone gives the old lame excuse, "You get married only once, so lets have a blast!" Yes, if you have the money to burn to keep yourself warm, go ahead by all means, but if you are smart, you might make some good investments in the form of MFs/Stocks for your future.

Fanfare is great, but not at the cost of blowing a hole in your/would-be's pocket. Parents are tense right from the moment a girl child is born. They want to save up for her wedding thereby losing out on living their lives. It's high time that we behaved as a civilised society. Make marriage a respectable thing instead of an ostentatious show of wealth or blatant chauvinism. Marriage in a temple, followed by reception at a decent hall with invitees whom you can remember right off the bat. I'm sure no one has friends and family numbering more than 350 unless you want to invite all and dry sundry on your FB list.

A couple of days ago, I'd been to a high profile wedding. At the entrance, the old fashioned white cloth adorned 'arch' with some serial bulbs strung on trees in the car park gave it a glitzy gala feel. Inside, only a white drape as stage decor. The bride and groom didn't wear dresses that they'd never be able to wear later. On the stage, only the parents of the boy/girl. Amidst all the Lexuses, Mercs, BMWs and Audis, no one was bringing presents or 'moi' covers. No serpentine queues to congratulate the couple. No selfie sticks and theatrics on stage. Things were quick, the food simple (and served ONLY after people sat down to eat) and the whole thing was such an unstressful thing that it was a delight to be there. plus size wedding wears for maternity brides

"Elders pressurise for a grand marriage" is another refrain. You, the Gen XYZ convince them and tell them that this is how you want it and the expenses split between both sides equally. The essence of a marriage is not jewellery or that blouse that was very stylish. Its only about love, the give and take attitude and a general sense of balance. Start on a positive note. At least its time we stopped being foolish. Take up the cudgels and show your mettle. Don't just talk about change. Be it.