not expensive wedding wears for summer

Ok Confirm..Do check ur watsapp or Inbox for my Wedding Invitation..
Done my Bookings for My 5days 4Nights..My Own Wedding Ceremony...
My event will be done in August
My First Day .. thursday..
check in Chalet at Changi..
can start setting up my Deco..and Dais..
Gonna set up like a Castle By The Sea..
My Second Day .. friday..
after my Friday Prayers.. i will have my solemnisation at the mosque.. only immediate Family members will be invited to my Solemnisation.. i want it as simple and afdal for the akad Nikah Session..
My Third Day .. saturday ..
my 300 Guests will be invited into my My Wedding Reception by the Beach at the Chalet.. Guests are to be Dressed in white .. no other colors..and a white rose will be given to Immediate Families to pin onto their suits or dresses.. not expensive wedding wears for summer
My Fourth Day .. sunday ..
my 300 Guests will be Relatives .. invited to my Gurame Reception..
My Fifth Day .. monday ..
we will check out .. and immediate family members will send us to Changi Airport for our Honeymoon Flight...

But the Problem is.. Till Today i have not find my Bride...hahaha...