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Jayawijaya Mountains, Irian Jaya
"What the hell is that?" Angie grumbled as an updraft jolted her Cessna. She grabbed her binoculars from her knapsack and stripped the newspapers off her windscreen.
Fighting to control the plane and focus at the same time, she cursed as she shook her dark hair from her eyes. 'I gotta get this cut one of these days,' she lied to herself again. Angie knew how the men watched her and she knew what turned them on. It had been that way since high school. She'd liked it then, too. ‘But sometimes being a woman’s a real pain,' she sighed. 'Like now.' She swept her hair back again, cursed her vanity and concentrated on the stone peaks bursting from the forest floor. Cradling a creamy white glacier in the their rocky palm, the mountains held an ocean of ice and snow high above the tropical island's dense jungle. She scanned the surface, glowing white gold in the rising sun, as the shadow of her Cessna slid across its undulations.
Naked brown natives were running across the glacier in obvious fear. As Angie wheeled her plane around for another pass, she saw armed soldiers cresting the ridge of ice. Dressed in black fatigues, combat boots, black cowls and berets, the soldiers kneeled and took aim at the scrambling natives. They raised their rifles. Her airplane's engine drowned out the noise, but Angie saw the white flashes burst from their barrels. She swung her gaze back to the natives. Three men staggered and fell. Angie circled the scene again. The natives struggled to rise from the blotchy red snow. They lurched and staggered along the glacier till they finally fell and lay motionless. The advancing soldiers fired point blank into the twitching bodies.
Angie watched in horror. One soldier pointed up at her plane. Her eyes widened. The killers raised their rifles. She stared, mesmerized. They prepared to fire. Angie saw the muzzle flashes. She snapped out of her shock and hauled back on the yoke. The Cessna wheeled away. She banked southeast toward the mission at Dekai. She had to reach Father Frank. Tell him what she'd seen. Frank had lived with the Asmat for ten years now. He'd be royally pissed when he found out the government was hunting his people again.

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5 Stars
Magnificent work of art
By Amy's Bookshelf Reviews "Amy Shannon"on October 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Dinlocker has done it to me again! Pull me in and don't let go. He pulled me at the title ..."Missionary Position" so many thoughts swirl around the brain, and it's good that it does. It's a magnificent work of art. As always, he builds on characters, giving a sense of humor, satire, and yes adventure and intrigue. Even if you can admit to remembering the 70's (I can, barely), this story takes the reader on a new adventure, all the way in the past and to a land ... far far away ... as far as Irian Jaya. Each character is so fully developed, with many layers. If you like Angie, you know she's got more going on that meets the eye or that she cares to admit. It's not just about freedom for her, or that she finds herself "up to my ass in hungry cannibals and angry Catholics". It goes deeper than that ... How deep will this adventure take you? Read it for yourself and embark. It's a long journey, but worth the read of every single word. mermaid style evening gowns