long sleeve mermaid prom dress

Hey, gals..
Let's make a date with ourselves and practice some self-love for the upcoming MONTH of love..
Here's almost one a DAY for us all!!! :) )) It makes no matter of you are partnered up----or a singleton..
We need to look after the girl in the mirror..
25 ways to spend some time with yourself...
Feel free to add to the list and take activities away that don't feel authentic to you...Pammy

1.Go out to see a movie of your choice that is super girly and leaves you feeling good and happy. (hmm-Suggestions??)
2.Take yourself out to a three-course dinner at a restaurant that serves amazing food. (Teddys--again!! Yesterday's meal with Derek and Mary WAS amazzzing)
3.Put on your favorite girl power song and have a dance party.
4.Make a list of why you are beautiful, and post it on your bathroom mirror. Read it every time you look at yourself in the mirror. (My sign on my mirror says I am vibrant, exciting, compelling and very attractive--cause someone told me so last fall! Gotta remind ourselves and the bathroom mirror has always been my spot) long sleeve mermaid prom dress
5.Clean out your closet, and donate all the clothes that don’t make you feel hot and healthy in to charity. (so cathartic, right girls?--Oh DONNA!! Not you-your closet is an exercise in art!)
6.Read a feel good book from cover to cover. (Call me J, anyone?)
7.Take a luxurious bubble bath with organic essential oils or flower petals. Light some candles for ambiance.(Yep-bliss. Ask my Catherine Cady about essential oils!)
8.Go for a walk, and strut your stuff. (amazing how-within 5 minutes we ARE strutting! Yeah, Sheena Easton!)
9.Put on a little black dress, and go out dancing. (umm-this is a hard one)
10.Purchase some of your favorite healthy food, and make yourself a delicious meal, eaten by candle light. (I hit the produce department for an exotic salad with pine nuts, dried cranberries and some weird veggie)
11.Take a dance class. (Zumba..Jo-Ann used to LOVE this class!)
12.Have a spa day at home. Look up organic treatments you can give yourself, such as a mayo hair mask and cucumber slices on your eyes. (Cheap, too!)
13.Play a musical instrument. (Umm-have you seen the cost of a musical instrument?)
14.Go contra dancing alone. (ok, ok..I will throw myself upon the sword and go find one)
15.Take a yoga class.(have thought of it--who reading this does yoga? Enlighten me, please)
16.Write down five things you are grateful for each night before you go to bed.( I know some of you do this..I MUST start this practice--bedtime OR morning before I begin my day..I DO--often--right here on Facebook with status' or videos--It's my way)
17.Write down a list of five qualities your soul mate must have, and work on those qualities in yourself. (ooo--good idea!)
18.Meditate. (It works!)
19.Sprint at full speed around your block. (hahaahahahahah)
20.Write a love letter to yourself. (wow--that's pretty grand--why not, eh?)
21.Make a vision board for the kind of relationships you want to attract into your life. (VISION BOARDS ARE AMAZING! Making one for my Barrie Apartment!)
22.Put on Dolly Parton, and deep clean a room in your house. (Dolly Parton????)
23.Make a list of the relationships that no longer serve you, and burn it. (Hey, maybe THAT will work on getting the people who invade my brain and add negativity to my life OUTTA THERE!)) SCAT!)
24.Create some artwork. (or write!!.It's in you ALL..Just let it out..Write it down!)
25.Give yourself a hot towel scrub. (AFTER you have run the towel through the dryer--IT FEEL DELICIOUS!)
**adding one more suggestion form Pammyland..I have to do this allllll the time..It's a bad one for me..
26. Get a hand mirror--Look in it. Now, LOVE THAT PERSON AND ACCEPT HER AS ENOUGH!!!