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Shogunshi(p/t) 47: AGING COUSIN-FUCKERS

Inbreeding is a serious problem.

Seriously, repeat after me: I. Will NOT. Fuck my relations.

Laugh if you must, but it is inbreeding…more than greed, lust, envy, or the four other deadly sins, plus power, plus opportunism multiplied by the square root of the hypothetical noose around all their dirtbag necks…that pervades, powers, and, ultimately, perishes political parties, dynasties, and legacies.

When I talk about inbreeding, of course, I'm being a bit facetious, but not entirely.

The truth is that money and power are paranoid captive birds in a cage and when there's only so many cages to go around, eventually the same birds end up fucking each other.

That's all we're witnessing right now.

All the prepacked philosophers are ejaculating verbal feces, oops…I mean theses as to why, but the answer's beyond simple.

The DNC has reached cuckoo-clock-popper levels and they all have a theory.

Vast generalizations about the ineffectiveness of command economics…

Pay for play overdosing…

Traitorous tendencies…

All that shit has some explanatory value, but (as is most often the case in life) the answer is simpler…namely:

They've just been fucking their blood relations for far too long.

There's a reason they freaked about Pizza Gate more than they did about anything else.

Now with the Nunes memo clearly demonstrating and defining that, yes indeed, the Democratic White House of Barack Hussein Obama and (by design, at least) Hillary Rodham Clinton, weaponized both, the FBI and the IRS (and God knows how many other federal agencies) into instruments of political terror and subversion, culminating in a failed deep-cover coup d'état attempt against the will of the American voting public. high low style dresses for bridesmaid

And this…YET-A-FUCKING-GAIN…forces me to bring up Trump.

He's a liar. And THESE IDIOTS are why nobody who voted for him gives a fuck.

But see, trying to explain that to people who think it's normal to bone their sister and blow their brother is pointless. Just like it's pointless to explain to sick ass motherfuckers that putting on a dress and storming the enemy bayonets with a lubed-up sphincter…does NOT make you a girl.

People are still slow to get that part, but it's okay, it'll come.

Once again, for those of us who experienced communism and its in-truth-hereditary-monarchical procedural tendencies, this shit show is no surprise.

The DNC has fundamentally been the personal property of two families for the past half-century and change. The only irony of this statement is that I began writing this text a month ago…

Well before semen-excreting Joey Kennedy stepped into the national spotlight and virtue-signaled decades more of hereditary DemoNcratic monarchy by ordering a taco in Spanish.

The fact that his grandpa Bobby (who along with big-bro JFK would likely be called a "Nazi" by today's DNC bullshit machine) was whacked out by a Palestinian terrorist and that Yung Cum Stizzeyn will soon be rapping to us about how Israel needs to poof-and-vanish to an Oprah-produced, Jay-Z-featured, Southern Poverty Law Center-sponsored track will only make this inbreeding debacle sweeter.

Which brings me to shaming…

We always shame what we'd least like to become.

I shit on heterosexual male fags, bearded ladies, and those beholden to, by my own set of arbitrary rules, bullshit social conventions. Call me out on it. I don't give a fuck.

But American lefties shit on "cousin fucking rednecks" more than anything. And therein lies the rub...or, The Chelsea, as I like to now refer to a situation when her butter-face-ass looking up at you while doing The Monica results in ED.

Nothing draws the ire of a coastal liberal elitist, or their welfare cheese penis popsicle-sucking peons, irrespective of race, gender, religious affiliation, or any other box-ticking characteristic than a good ole fashioned hillbill-eh.

Heck, aah muh self-know one or three Cletuses who done up and moovd to tha big citeh and became loud, proud, limousine libs…scornful of their former fuck buddies, err...kinfolk.

See, what we're watching here folks, is not treason, or conspiracy, or anything sinister at all.

That's what'll keep all these head dicks out of the gas chamber and off of the noosed light posts on which they would otherwise belong.
In the post mortem of the Nunes memo…which if you haven't taken the time to research it by now, is EASILY THE BIGGEST GOVERNMENT SCANDAL IN AMERICAN HISTORY…

All the culprits will not be held responsible due to what I predict will become known in history as the, "Charles The Second Defense".

You see, Charles II of Spain was history's biggest fucking retard. Quite literally.

SIDEBAR: This whole bullshit PC era started with "retard", as I occasionally like to remind folks.

Ironic that it's ending with one, ain't it?

Anyway, Charley the Anal Peanut Butter Face Washing Retard died childless and the near 200 year reign of the Habsburgs over the DNC…err, Spain, came to an end.

Well, he never actually came and that was sorta the problem, but this is probably too much exposition for the taste of some $80K a year lefty cock gobblin editor's Flesh Kincaid safe space boundaries, so I'll kill the background hallucinations for your bennies, fren.

But let me get back on track.

Having sex with blood relatives is not a wise decision.

Procedurally circumventing the law of the land to get your inbred relatives life-long membership in the House of Cards is also a bad decision…one which, just to be clear Republicans are no less guilty of than Democrats.

Career criminal degenerates like McConnell and Ryan just got lucky to have been cock-slapped by Trump within the ranks of their own party's primaries.

In fact, as time goes by, Trump's monumental victory somehow manages to become less impressive, as uncle, brother, cousin, and sister-fucking democrats continue to prove that even the macabre political figure known as Deez Nuts would have defeated Hillary in an open election.

But fear not my dear lefty friends!

Much Play-Doh is left to eat, many Crayolas are in great supply for the pleasure of your nasal passages, and, yes, cuckolding is indeeeeeeed the sexual fetish of the enlightened modern man, and foooooor fucking suuuuuurrrre fat chicks with upper lip fuzz not only can, but will, in time, be appreciated for their physical beauty…

For everything else, there's Mastercard and a card-carrying membership in the DNC.

Stay thirsty…for your cousin's cum…my friends.