garments in the formal occasions that colored with blue

When I was writing the other day I realize I always talk more about my younger days but we had some fantastic moments as teenagers. We would go to dances in Salem, Woodstown and Bridgeton. Of course Mrs Bessie Thomas, Mrs Eunice Brokenbaugh and Mrs Matt Warren and Mrs Annie Meryl Jones would drive us...there was a skating rink in Bridgeton we would go to and have so much fun. But the most fun was right here in Penns Grove. The Advancement Center and riding in cars up and down Walnut Street or go to Pedricktown and ride around. There was a road that a bunch of us would gather and they would race the cars. There was a farm we would raid the watermelon patch. There was one road we would go on because we knew there were a couple of old big dogs that just loved to chase cars one we whistled or yelled out the window. Never once did we ever see the cops or crash any cars. It's a wonder we didn't get in trouble but somehow we managed just to have fun. Walnut Street was always packed with people we always went to Mr Pomerdees for the best fried shrimp and hot sausages. To this day I have only found one place in Delaware called Lacey's Grill that even came close to Mr Pomerdees. We always would get one of Red's BBQ sandwiches good. But when we got older we ventured to Lawnside or Merchantville for The Best BBQ in the East. During those years those were some jumping spots. You didn't have to go in a club just sit in your car and watch the sights. And there were some sights to see. It would be bus loads of folk out of Camden and Philly. Dressed up in their Sunday Best clothes , drinking their beer and liquor and putting on a show. The would be dancing to the music or they would get to cursing and fighting then turn around be best friends again. I was lucky enough to know a lot of people in that area because my parents grew up close to that area and we had lots of family there plus my Dad's CC Camp Buddies had settled in that area with their families. The first time I saw a guy impersonating a woman dancing with an albino Boa Constrictor was in Lawnside...scared me to death I didn't go back up there for a real long time. We would sometimes hang out at the Pennsauken Bowling Alley, Pennsauken Mart and Pennsauken Swimming Pool. We always went to Gino's for $.15 hamburgers and Hires Rootbeer joint for Rootbeer Floats. Yes the girls roller skated out to your car to take your order and bring your order. Fun Places but I don't know if they are still around. We went to Palisades Park, Willow Grove Park and every year there was a bus trip to Coney Island...had to have a Nathan's Dirty Hot Dog with mustard, frozen custard and a banana dipped in chocolate. Never a dull moment and that didn't include the many trips garments in the formal occasions that colored with blue Shirlee Mills and I took across the Chester Ferry and stay with her relatives Ruthie and Snookie we never missed the big Mother's Day Parade in Chester. Ferry cost was $.10. Adventurous yes. Probably wouldn't have the nerve to cost the Delaware on that Ferry today...when I got across the Commador Barry Bridge I always look over where the ferry use to run and you can see remnants of where it was on Jersey side..... Memories of days gone by... Precious