gala gowns

Ok here's my story. We got all dressed up to go to the Endymion Party at the Superdome the other night to celebrate Mardi Gras. We were told dressy pant suits were fine attire. Tickets were $200 and we had VIP seating with free drinks and great food plus the concert by Rod Stewart. We arrived and were told we could not come in because we had pants on. Everyone was in fancy ball gowns except one woman with a pair of Sperry shoes on and a short dress who somehow got passed the security guard even through we pointed her out. The friend who is a pilot, who flew in hours before and just for the event, had a short dress on and that was apparently a no no too. So Julie and I snuck past the Barney Fife wanna be, while he was arguing with the pilot, and started toward the VIP section. I figured we'd get out seats and all would be fine. We got pretty far and almost to ou destination.....but ole Barney was chasing us and out of breathe.. told me he was calling the cops, radioing people to stop us. Upset and challenged, we were going to go back to my house and see what we could get out of my closest. Instead on the long rainy walk home, we stopped at CVS and Walgreens to gets some cheap scarves to wrap around our pants but there were not any. We started to move deeper in to the quarter and saw Cutie Pie, the stripper store and ended up buying two long dresses with thigh high slits and low cut necklines down to your torso. If we wouldn't have left our pants on, these dresses could not be legally worn anywhere off Bourbon street. But we were thankful to find them. They were do damn tight that they looked hideous but Barney Fife demanded long ball gown dresses. So after two hours of walking back and forth (parades going on so no cabs could get us back and forth to Superdome), we wound up back at the Superdome. Woman at door checked our wristbands and said they were already checked in and we COULd NOT get in. URGGHHHHHH! gala gowns
Another woman recognized us and let us in. Finally made it to our viewing area and table. But the tables were filled with other people (and their beads/throws) because we got there so late. I grabbed a bead bag and starting stuffing those beads into my own bag. I figured I earned them. Ripped off the stripper dress, and sat down with two margaritas and enjoyed the Rod Stewart concert until 1:30 in the morning. Left to go home. Found a pedicab.....usually a $10 ride. Guy said $100 because it was Mardi Gras. BS! I found a cab for $35. Shared it with a girl who was looking for one too and had the same address as me! Found out she is a neighbor of course and works at a high end spa and salon. Invited with deep discounts to the spa there. Will go..Need a massage after walking two hours roundtrip in humidity, crazy looking ass outfit and sore back.... You never know who you are going to meet in New Orleans and what is going to happen. Like The Infamous Madam of New Orleans ,Norma Wallace was quoted as saying "I wonder what the evening will bring?" Tomorrow is Mardi Gras......the party is just getting started.