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= Chapter 2 =
- Welcome to my Imagination –
In a snowy forest the portal took you here as you fell in. You poke your head out cover in snow and shook it off at first you look scared thinking ‘Is this another hell forest?’ but instead it look more calm and peaceful yet cold. “Where am I?” you question yourself. It look like the same forest as you were in but this time the area spark snow white even the trees had leafs on it but these leafs were color sparkling bright blue that got your judgment decision. “Wow they do look pretty.” The sky was clouded and snow came down from all over again there was no one here and you had no choice but to force yourself to walk in the narrow forest. The temperature dropped slowly as more snow covers the ground you walk up to a tree and grabbed a sparkling blue leaf “This feels so soft” your fingertips touches the softness part making you smile to yourself it were as if the leaf and tree were saying hello to you. Nowhere to go but straight you continue to walk for nearly half an hour. “B-r-r-r I’m getting really cold.” Still walking the ground had more snow slowing you down your body couldn’t keep up the cold weather and needed something to keep you warm, soon just as you were beginning to think of no hope a fountain was up ahead as you saw and continue on. The narrow tree line ended you trying to keep yourself warm look and see a big Beaufort fountain the sound of water took your mind off the cold as you walk up to a wooden bench in front of it and sat down. The steam slowly came out of the pool you put your hands in it “Ahh feels so warm…” “I know right!” you just heard someone speak and quickly look around yet saw nothing, you personally think it was in your head since you were freezing for a while and sat back on the bench. Looking around seeing nothing but the fountain you question yourself ‘How am I going to get out of here’ “Where do I go now?” “You must be new!” You heard the same voice only this time it came right beside you as you look and saw a little girl dress in white winter clothes with a big sparkling blue flower on her hair. Scared as hec you screamed and fell off the bench the girl laugh. “My name is Cindy what’s yours?” ‘ You gave the name ‘ “Nice to meet you welcome to Kevin’s Imagination where you come from?” “I came from a portal and walk here from the forest where am I?” You sat back down next to her Cindy looks close to you then gave you space “Hmm, you don’t look dangerous and your inside Kevin’s mind! If you ran into trouble earlier I’m sorry but you caught us at a bad time. You see something bad has happen to him and for some reason ‘Bad things’ are happening but your safe now.” “Do you know where I can find him?” “No.” “Noo!?” “I only been here a few months ago or created months ago I don’t know where he is, he usually walks with me alone at night times. I usually wait for him here and we go walking he likes that and he’s a very nice man he created this forest!” “Well from my view the first forest I walk into look like hell and almost got eaten by demons.” “Oh no! Really? Oh no this is terrible that means Kevin ‘Is’ in trouble and someone or something right now in this mind is trying to ‘Kill him.’” “Kill?” “Yeah! He would never do evil things like that here…” Cindy was thinking to herself then smiled. “Come on I know a place that I can show and explain everything to you.” Cindy took your hand and flew into the sky as you and her travel in another blue portal. End of chapter! You be friend Cindy as she takes you somewhere special still the mysterious question is where is Kevin and who is trying to kill him? Our adventure has begun but where do we go next? Find out next time in this exciting story of – Enter a Creators Mind! formal dresses for women