dark green evening dresses

– Episode 1
It all started one Monday morning when I
was admitted to
oneschool name FAME_ACADEMY, I was
escorted to class by a
she was black in complexion and sexy. She
wore a beautiful dress
that exposes her boobs a little. While
walking she pick up a
conversation with me. This was the dialogue
between us:.
Lady: Where are you from?
James(That’s my name): Edo State Ma’am.
Lady: That’s good. Please, can you stop
calling Ma’am? You can
call me by my name, ROSEMARY.
James: Why?
Rosemary(The lady): Can I ask you a
James: Yes Ma’am.
Rosemary: Oh My God! Can you stop this.?
James: (Silent).
Rosemary: Ok. Do I look like an old lady to
James: Maybe but Ma’am.. Oh! Rosemary.
Rosemary: Call my name in a sexy way.
James: Rosemaizrii……
Rosemary: Now you can say what you want
to say.
James: Why are you telling me this?
Rosemary: Just giving you headlines on how
to address me.
James: In that case, all the students here call
you by your name?
Rosemary: Hmmm…. Yea.. Yea.. We can start
going to your
. While walking, some students passed and
greeted Rosemary.
Students: Good morning Ma’am.
She became pissed up.
Rosemary: Are you both crazy. Didn’t I told
you guys not to call
me Ma’am?
Students: No Ma’am. You only told us that
calling an elderly man/
woman in such way shows sign of respect.
Rosemary: (Confused) Did I?
Students: Yes Ma’am.
Rosemary: But that have to stop.
Before we knew the principal came out of
nowhere and I noticed
we were all standing at her window. And I
guess she must have
heard what Rosemary and the students
were discussing but the
woman said something harsh to Rosemary.
Principal: What nonsense are you saying
Mrs. Rosemary.
Rosemary: Hehmm… I was…
Principal: Shut up. Our students are known
for good manners and
you are telling them this nonsense. Don’t
you know that you are
too old to be address by your name. For
God’s sake, you are
even older than me and you have a grand
child who is 6years of
age. Don’t let this make up deceive you. I
know you are very sexy
with your nicely curved hips but that doesn’t
mean you should be
acting like this. I didn’t say you shouldn’t be dark green evening dresses
acting like a young
lady but you have to respect yourself. You
can go to your office
now(Rosemary left)
. And by the way, what are you stupid
students doing here. Get
out of my sight.
We were all going in different ways and she
called me back.
Principal: You.
James: Me?
Principal: Yes. Are you not the new student
that was admitted
James: Yes Ma’am.
Principal: And what class are you?
James: S.S.2science Ma’am.
Principal: You see, our school has a good
name which we all
maintain and there are some certain rules
governing this school
which I expect you to know quickly cause if
you do anything
against the rule, you will smell your roasted
life and…..
James: Ma’am can I ask you a question?
Principal: Are you stupid? Do you have to cut
me short with your
James: (Silent).
Principal: So, what is it that you wanted to
James: Ma’am, Do everybody have a roasted
life? I mean, do you
have a roasted life?
Principal: You are not serious. Get out of my
sight and by way,
your classroom is by left. That is, the last
classroom on the left
James: Ok Ma’am.
Principal: Now get out.
I left her sight as she said but I was still
thinking about the
conversation with me and Rosemary. Why
did she told me all
those things……..?
.. To be continue.