blush color bridal dress

I felt the need to make this post because I was asked if "I wasn't ashamed to post my videos even though I'm not "sexy" like these other girls who post their videos on social media.... One I want to thank @konshens for this song. Two what is the definition of sexy? If you're bigger in size they say you're to fat, if you're skinnier than most they say you're to skinny. My definition of sexy is confidence. As long as you wear confidence as an accessory when you get dress nothing anyone say will affect you. Self-love is the best love no matter what size I am in life I get dressed walk outside and hold my head high because I love me. Parents with daughters please teach your child these concepts because this is the reason so many young girls go outside looking to be accepted and end up getting destroyed. Love starts from home.. If it wasn't for my family embedding in me how beautiful I am even though people on the outside made fun of my complexion I would have been just as destroyed as the person making the comments. We scream stop bullying but how are you helping the cause if you sit behind a gadget on social media and bash someone because of the body they live in, the life they live, etc... Stop the hate and learn to love yourself blush color bridal dress ? ? ? # iwearthesamesmile # iloveme # maturityteachesyoulessons **I Dont own rights to this song**

P.s- never knew about bullying until I started living in the United States... Don't confuse opinions with self-hate.

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