bat mitzvah gowns

Flawlessly Imperfect
I wear my scars and flaw like a fine,elegant evening gown, bat mitzvah gowns
I am adamant in what I believe
I am loud and deranged
Much like emotions inside of a dream
Searching of what can't be found
Words are spoken without a sound
It is okay not to be okay
It is okay not to have a plan
But these flaws are what makes me,who I am,
I am no jar of perfection
For I am proud of every fault,
Eyes of this world seek the perfect
Precious gems imperfect
Praised are deeds perfect
yet creative genius imperfect
Reflecting my imperfection
Shard by shard
I am a porcelain doll without
the mistakes,the delusion,the errors
Grace in mistakes
Makes me,me
Perfectly Imperfect
~Anu Prasanna