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“I thought it was all over . . . . . .
I got to class at exactly fifteen minutes to seven and the lecturer was already there. “What happened today? Did his wife sack him from the house?” I wondered. You can’t blame me for being like that; I’ve known this lecture since level 100 and he’s never been the type to come even at exactly when the lecture should start, not to talk of being there before time. I just walked in silently and sat down in the corner of the class where I always sit in his class. Whatever he had up his sleeves would eventually unravel.

At exactly seven o’clock he got up from the chair he was sitting on, took his marker and walked the whiteboard. He scribbled “Quiz 1” on the board and turned to face us. As if he knew the reaction he was expecting, he had devilish smile that said “Today I’ve gotten you”. Ladies and gentlemen at this point my heart rate increased. I felt a chill ran through my spine as I begun to sweat profusely. My head was throbbing seriously; I turned to see if anyone was experiencing what I was experiencing but no, almost everyone in the class was calm.

You’d think I’m not a serious student who doesn’t prepare for class but that’s not the case at all, on the contrary I’m very conscious of these things and take them very seriously. The problem was he hadn’t informed us of any upcoming quiz like he always did. Besides it was just one week after lectures begun and it was not his manner to be doing quizzes that early in the semester let alone to be unannounced. So you see I had every reason to be nervous because apart from the little I had heard in class during lecturers I hadn’t done any personal studies.

The long and short of the issue was that it didn’t go well for me. And that was how my morning was ruined. I decided since there was still more time I should hit the library to do a little reading before going back to the hostel. On my way I met one of my mates who was late and still thought class was in session, I told him what had happened and he was more than happy to go back and sleep. I looked at him in disbelief as he danced his way back to the hostel. The library was still not opened so I made my way to the cafeteria. Just as I was crossing the road to the other side this driver honked at me; I froze in my tracks. The car stopped and the driver got down.

“Are you a out of your mind! What would you say if I had knocked you down? What’s all these rubbish this morning? Please don’t bring your bad luck my way o” the driver yelled at me. She was tall and slim. Fair in complexion, I was able to deduce from her accent that she was Nigerian. She entered her car and sped off. I stood there as if I wasn’t cognisant of what just happened. I started moving when I realised people were staring at me, I didn’t want anyone coming to ask any questions.

I entered the cafeteria and went straight to snack bar. I almost turned to leave when I saw the lady behind the counter. She wasn’t the usual lady who was all smiles and cheers, this was one who looked like she was in no mood for pleasantries. I ordered for a bottle of sprite and some bagel. She brought it and I reached into my pocket to take money to pay her. As my fingers hit the end of my pocket it dawned on me that I had left my wallet in the hostel. Since it was just one lecture I thought I wouldn’t have a need for it because I’ll soon be back in the hostel. I looked back at the woman and I saw doom on her face.

“Please hurry up okay I have to go check on the pie in the oven” she said with a straight face.

“Errm....please I’m just realising that I’ve left.....

“Ah! Na 3de3b3n as3m koraa nie? You don’t have money and you’ve come to order for food. This is all you people know, you dress and walk around with big phones and watches yet you don’t have anything. This early morning that I haven’t made any sales yet this is the bad luck I’m being met with. Mtchew!” she rained insults on me and snatched the snack from my hand like I was going to contaminate it if she wasn’t quick about it.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I gathered every strength in me and turned to leave the place. I felt ashamed and very hurt. I decided to finally go to the hostel and be away from all these. I entered the room and my jaw dropped, my perfectly laid bed was nothing close to perfect; my pillow was on the floor and my bedsheet was crumpled to one corner. I quickly checked my locker to see if everything was intact – nothing was taken. I sighed heavily and sat on my bed. I wondered where my roommate was.

He emerged from the bathroom later and following him was a lady I hadn’t seen before. The lady was clad in my roommates towel while he was clad in mine. I instantly got angry. Then it dawned on me that they were responsible for the state of my bed. I got so angry that I couldn’t keep calm.

“Masa it be you mess my bed so”? I enquired from my roommate with anger all over my face.

“Yo chill wossup. So you go yawa me for the shody ihn front? Why your life dey so sef?” he threw back at me.

I raised my eyebrow, I couldn’t believe this guy. He messed up my bed with whoever the lady was and he had the impetus to fire back at me? “You dey craze! Your bed spoil? Why you no use your bed do? Why my bed, I dey talk too you say my life do what? Make you no make I bore you hear? You figure what!” I shot back at him.

The lady quickly wore her dress and got out of the room. My roommate went after her but was soon back. It was more than and argument between NDC and NPP in parliament. It ended eventually and we didn’t talk for three next three weeks. I fell asleep and woke up around three o’clock in the afternoon. I got up and warmed the jollof rice In the fridge and ate it. I later took my laptop and notebook and headed back to the library on campus. I needed to catch up on a few things and I didn’t want to be surprised again by any lecturer.

I left the library at 9pm and to go back to the hostel. The road was busier than I expected. Stores were still open and lot of people were in town. My confidence increased as I walked to my hostel. I got the junction that led to my hostel and I saw someone coming from that direction. I thought it was someone coming from my hostel so I didn’t panic, I forged forward. As he drew nearer I realised I was wrong. I turned to go back and there were two other guys behind me – “where did they come from” – I thought. The guy in front of me closed in and showed me a shiny object which I found out to be small knife. Before I could say anything I felt a sharp pain on left cheek that sent me to the ground. I screamed in agony. affordable prom dresses

“Hand over the bag!” one coarse voice came from behind me. He probably was the same person who slapped me. Without waiting for me to hand over the bag the one who was in front of me kicked me in my stomach and snatched my bag from my hand. I couldn’t shout or get up due to the pain they had subjected me to. My phone and laptop were both in the bag. The thought of that made me cry like a baby who’d lot his toy. I managed to get up after some time and staggered to my hostel. I slammed myself on my bed. I thought it was all over and I could at least sleep in peace. The lights went off.
The end.