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Why We Are Highly Sort After , A Cut Above The Rest

Providing Close Protection & High Risk Protection across this Great Continent of Africa and The Middle East , certain aspects routinely come to task. A constant one is that the uninformed masses, tend to think that Close Protection Operatives travel in armed convoy's and kitted up to the neck in tactical gear.

Well I do hate to disappoint but this often a false representation. Case in point the west is against any form of miliartarized Police uniforms and aggressive looking squad cars in there respective neighbourhoods. Our delicate baby boomer claim it gives a sense of a police state.

It just so happens that masses in Africa and lands far away have taken up suit, for different reasons; chiefly being it's easier for the criminal element to kidnap, steal or place fear in the hearts and minds of companies and there respective entities. So here comes in a Chess players dream " Logistics's" . Many aren't even aware when Global's CPO's either home or abraod conduct protection details. We delploy CPO's who blend into the Clients environment, we convey them in and out of these environments with noone being the wiser. affordable evening gown

We often come across the high profile EP Teams, they catch the masses attention, be it good or bad, allowing our task to be accomplished even easier. Remember this saying as you read on if you're a CPO "THE DAY IS NOT ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT THE CLIENT"

The stereotypical image of a CPO is a well-built man in a black suit wearing sunglasses, and sporting an earpiece this is not always the case in reality. With some clients it’s a personal preference that dictates the appearance of their CPO's, while with others it may be determined by the nature of an occasion.

A CPO who is trying to blend or minimise attention to his or her Client while sticking out from the crowd unnecessarily, is frankly not appropriate. Thus, CPO's need to always consider all of the factors involved before selecting an ensemble.

CPO'S are usually dressed according to two divergent purposes; to be seen or to remain covert. Sometimes all it takes is for a CPO's presence to be pronounced in order to halt minor attacks and interruptions. Certain situations, however, call for CPO'S to remain inconspicuous, acting as a friend, a chauffeur or even a photographer.

As mentioned above, sometimes CPO'S need to fit into the environment to provide complete protection.
Similar to location, CPO'S need to be able to dress to specific occasions too. From weddings to board meetings, and even nights out in Ibiza, professional CPO's should all own the right ‘tools of the trade’ and this includes very specific clothing at times.

Above all, CPO's need to understand that they not only represent themselves, but importantly also the client. For this reason, even if the outfit calls for an open shirt with jeans and flip-flops, CPO's should always strive to portray the best and most appropriate representation possible. Global Advances & Logistics offers expert Close Protection Operatives with credible experience. For your comprehensive protection and safety around your lifestyle and specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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