JuneBridals wedding garment for mature women over 40

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..!!

Women's Day special/Sunday Special Workshop
New You Workshop has come up with 15% Discount for ‘Real architect Of Society WOMEN’.

Now you can utilize your Friday & Sunday also.
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1st Date- Sunday, 4th March
2nd Date-Sunday 9th March
Location- Borivali (W)
Timing- 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM
For Registration Contact/Whatsapp- 9930373757

Limited offers.
Call soon- 9930373757.

Date- Friday & Sunday, 4th & 9th March
Location- Borivali (W)

Date- Saturday, 17th March
Location- Thane

Date- Sunday, 18th March

Location- Navi mumbai

Date- Saturday, 24th March.
Location- Indore

Date- Saturday, 7th March
Location- Borivali(W)

Do you feel you want to be the centre of attraction in a party, functions, and marriages?
Are you bored of the same look and style you possess?

Do you feel that every time when there is grand occasion or party you have to go out for doing make up from a parlour and that's time consuming and expensive too?

Do you feel you have to buy new clothes every time for a occasions and that's really a lot of investment?

Do you feel confused as what to wear as per the roles goals and occasions like meetings formal events you attend?

Do you feel you are a little overweight so you can't wear a lot of styles and get bogged down thinking about how to style yourself?

Do you feel why do I have shortage of clothes when I have so many clothes?

Do you feel why I am not that successful even though I possess all qualities and intelligence?

Then Ladies Do not worry..!!

We are there to help you at https://www.facebook.com/ayeshaimagevitamins1/
Become a # Personal # Stylist of your own Dressing
Upcoming # New # You # Workshop at # Borivali , # Navi Mumbai, # Thane , & # Indore

Wardrobe Styling
1) Learn smart shopping and avoid impulse purchases.
2) Learn how to save money by doing mix & match and to create different looks.

Style Scale & Fashion Styling

Different kind of places demand different kinds of dressing up, do you know how to do that? Come and learn
1) Understand levels of dressing.
2) Learn how to Accessorize
3) Learn how to Create New styles in Dressing.
4) Understand what should you wear for Formal, Semi formal and Casual.

Dress As Per Body Shape

1) Learn how to dress Attractive.
2) Learn how to Camouflage your weak Areas and emphasize your strong Areas.
3) Learn how to look slim.
4) Understand your body shape

Art Of Make Up

1) Learn the art of makeup.
2) Tips & tricks, Information on Makeup products,
3) Day makeup, Night makeup & skin Care.

About The Trainer

Ayesha Satish Villait is a professional Trainer from Image Consulting Business India & also a Professional Member of Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA) which is the only association of Image Management Professionals in the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East , she is a Landmark Graduate and has been Mentored by Mr Santosh Nair and famous actress Anuradha Patel and awarded Best participant award. JuneBridals wedding garment for mature women over 40