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Do you know a local owner with 2 German shepherds as described. Upsetting picture.

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My sons dog was viciously attached , and his dog walker was left with a broken thumb and the other required stitches

This happened in Roxbourne Park nature reserve - Eastcote


Please help find this woman!

A German Shepherd attacked our Shar Pei today leaving him with 4 massive wounds and just walked off! Opie is still at the vets being watched after the operation as wounds were deeper than expected. Dog walker got bit as well while trying to pull German Shepherd away.
Everything happened in Roxbourne park nature reserve at around 3.40pm today. Dogs were playing in the field while a white British looking woman with blondish hair dressed in black started approaching them with her two long haired German Shepherds a male and a female. The female was about 10 years old and the male was slightly younger, possibly about 8 years old, one of them had black fur with dark tanned legs.
The lady and her two dogs walked towards the dog walker and the dogs. A minute later the male German Shepherd got hold of our Shar Pei’s back side and was shaking him in the air. The dog walker ran up to them and managed to get German shepherd off and was bit by him in the process. Opie was in shock and was running away so dog walker handed German Shepherd back to the owner and ran to the field to find Opie being badly bitten. When he turned back the woman was gone. JuneBridals spaghetti evening gowns
We need to find this woman as she needs to take responsibility for the damage her dog has done. And we need to make sure that she doesn’t let her dog run around free in the park without the muzzle as all other dogs are in danger.
If anyone knows her please share her details. This has already been reported to the police.