JuneBridals 1940s vintage inspire wedding wears

Ladies, sorry if this has been asked a million, but I’m looking for something kinda specific..

Can anyone recommend any wedding dress shops that stock some long sleeve dresses..? The Grace Loves Lace Inca dress is my inspo. I guess looking for a kinda more “boho” dress shop though really don’t want to call it that JuneBridals 1940s vintage inspire wedding wears ? ? A guess a mix of boho and classic..? I don’t know haha

I walked into my very first dress shop on Friday just for a look and got told my style was a little tacky ? ? ? ? ? ? Ahahaha so greeaaaatt start ? but I think I was just in the wrong kind of place.

Also, to throw you off, I just can’t justify paying THOUSANDS for a dress. ??‍♀️ I cant do it. I’d rather put that money into the best photographer/videographer etc.

*Photo of the Inca dress below for attention. But not looking for this exact dress, just for inspo*