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A week later, the Adekunles, the Omonaiyes and a few relatives voice could be heard coming from the Omonaiye’s house. I was led to Deborah’s room to prepare properly for the ceremony of the day.
“Yes it is my wedding day, so i have the right to be happy and look like a princess, i ought to be the only one to be admired today by all, most especially the love of my life” i said to one of Nicholas relative.
“Yes, you are right my dear, even if our son Nicholas cannot see how you look, you still have to look your best, it would make him even more happy you know?” the woman said.
“Hey, Deb na play play like play play person dey take die, if you know what’s good for you, remove me buba and iro and leave my makeup kit this very minute. Com’on before i pounce on you, you better start pulling it” i said with a frown.
“Hey, just hold it there Glory, like play play like play play person no they play with you” she asked in laughter.
“Not on this day, you hear me?” i said.
The traditional marriage was brief, so i was led back again to Deborah’s room to prepare for the white wedding. I quickly refreshed and soon a perfect makeup was done for me, i wore a white short gown that revealed my rounded figure eight with a veil and a pink bouquete with pink heels to go with it.
“Omo iyawo, you are a paragon of beauty, the goddess of the night, the sea and the moon, no wonder Oladapo the light of my world was so desperate to marry you” Mrs Omonaiye said as she walked into the room and hugged me.
“Thanks mummy” i said shyly.
“Ronke what is this? Why do you want to look like a masquerade on such a special day? You have a mirrow infront of you, so wipe that make up out now it’s too much. Lara my wife, you look pure, the pastor is already here so i expect you all out in three minutes time” Mrs Omonaiye said.
Soon after, we proceeded to Nicholas room where he laid on his bed, dressed on a black suit with black bow tie and Raymond, his secondary school friend took the place of the best man while Deborah wore a pink short gown as my chief brides maid. It was a small ceremony with only few family and friends around to witness it. After the exchange of vows and rings, and we were produced husband and wife, we had little refreshment during the wedding ceremony and i couldn’t help but notice the excitement on Nicholas voice especially when he whispered to me “You are now mine, mine you would be fore ever” i pondered on what to do this very night. June Bridals wedding wears with affordable price
Thirty minutes after the celebration we were excorted by Raymond, his fiance, Kunle and Deborah to a rented self contain apartment in the middle of the town, with our house now being in the centre of both parents house which were located on the extreme ends of the town.
Nicholas had insisted on a rented apartment because of his condition and i had concurred, now i couldn’t help but watch my husband being brought in a wheel chair, and laid on the giant queen size bed on the floor of the room. They hastily bid us goodbye and left us to enjoy the rest of the evening together.
I stood akimbo for a while, staring at the rioting colours of pink, yellow, green, lilac, blue and brown on the wall, a white sofa was placed beside the queen size bed, i moved my attention to the plasma tv on the wall which demarcated the kitchen and bathroom door from the door leading outside.
“My love, don’t tell me you want to look all day please come give me a peck” Nicholas said.
I laid beside him on the bed and gave him a peck then starting stroking his bed and giggling.
“Your hands are so soft and tender, why don’t you place it here on my chest and massage it or maybe here” He placed my hand beneath his waist and made me massage a something hard and erect that protruded from his trouser, my palm became sweaty, my throat suddenly went dry, and i had the urge to understand Nicholas body that night.
He giggled and made ectastic sounds making me stop touching his erect organ.
“Why did you stop? It’s beautiful, your hand does magic, it makes me want you my love. Please, continue am enjoying it” he said and brought my hand back to his trouser.
“Baby, am shy” i said and looked at Nicholas face, which had no bandage on it anymore.
“I know you are. Can i ask you for a favour? Promise me, you would love me no matter what and that you would never leave me” Nicholas said.
“Baby i love you and i promise i would never leave you. I would be yours no matter the odds” i said.
“Can you do it to me?” He asked stroking his beard.
“Do what?” i inquired.
“You know na, what we ought to do tonight as newly married couples” he said and drew me close, kissing me passionately and not giving me any chance to struggle with him, he quickly undressed me nd rushed himself inside me, acting like an hungry lion, and i couldn’t struggle knowing i was lost in a painful and sweat pleasure, i kicked the thoughts of Nicholas lies away from my mind for the moment.